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What are the Biggest Challenges in Agri-Supply Chain and how FarmPlus is Solving them ?

The supply-chain process is complex across industries. A lot of information is shared amongst all those involved with hundreds of continuous transactions that happen between them that can be material or monetary.

Additionally, fragmented outbound and inbound networks can further complicate agricultural supply chains. In the typical agricultural supply chain, there are three steps. These are: Farm to suppliers, then to distributors, and then to consumers.

It is vital to ensure that quality control throughout the supply chain is maintained to remain competitive. Quality control is essential to avoid waste. Reviewing the components of quality management systems can help to prevent supply chain issues.

Major Drawbacks of Current Supply chain

Rejects or Defects

Inefficient production is a total waste of time, resources, and raw materials. This can lead to increased defect rates in final goods inventory. Additionally, low materials might require further refinement. This can increase worker workloads and overall manufacturing costs.

Supplier Failures

Inadequate quality control leads to poor production and hampers overall food quality. Depending on your business's nature, there may be many failures once a product leaves manufacturing.

Monitoring of Product and Process

Many companies who encounter high levels of defects and other types of waste during manufacturing will implement manual inspections to maintain quality. Assessments can be unnecessary and increase operating costs if quality controls have been established.

How Core Values of FarmPlus Can Help Agri- Supply Chain

FarmPlus, a DeHaat output domain, delivers premium quality products directly from the field to clients' doors in India. FarmPlus is India's largest distributor and importer of fresh and dried produce. It processes approximately 8000 orders per day.

Using the best technology, reliable sourcing methods, and highly-trained system professionals, FarmPlus ensures top quality and quantity of all the commodities it deals with.

The innovative strategies and technological advancements by FarmPlus can exponentially improve the current supply chain process by drastically speeding up the process effectively and efficiently.

What are the Core values and Solutions of FarmPlus?

FarmPlus is built on six core values that guide us in delivering the best services to all our clients and stakeholders.

1. Efficient Supply Chain

You can streamline operations to reduce costs and get optimal results.

2. Superior Technology Solutions

FarmPlus increases productivity across channels and leads to better, faster, higher profitability.

3. Premium Quality

FarmPlus can increase client business and customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality results.

4. Ample Selection of Commodities

A wide range of products is available to satisfy customer demands throughout the year.

5. Empowered Farmers

Through transparent payments and procurement, farmers can have a better life and be more financially secure.

6. Consistent Business Growth

Businesses can grow steadily by offering products or services all year.

How these Values are Vital in Improving Supply Chain?

FarmPlus offers a huge commodity basket with extremely detailed quality checks and rapid procurement to delivery processes along with the trust and backing of over 7Lakh+ farmers who have created premium quality crops over the years through their dedication to quality and traceability.

At FarmPlus, best manufacturing practices are continuously reviewed and improved to ensure safety to provide safe products. We listen to our customers and aim to deliver high-quality services every step of the way. We ensure that each product is approved with the utmost standard by our dedicated sourcing, acquisition, and technical teams. To ensure healthy crops that meet customer expectations, we all work together. Direct purchase from farmers means providing you with unbeatable quality and affordable prices.

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