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How is FarmPlus Streamlining the Agri-Supply Chain?

Agri-supply chains and networks are essential in allowing producers access to markets. They have an impact on the economic, socio-environmental sustainability of rural communities. The Agri-supply chain includes all organic farming activities - processing, distribution, and retailing to the end consumer. Today, the Agri-supply chain is facing enormous setbacks. The shortage of quality products, cluttered procurement processes, and lack of transparent pricing is holding the industry back.

With a vision and mission to cater to these exact challenges and to create a streamlined and enhanced overall agri-supply chain that benefits not only the sellers but the buyers all equally, FarmPlus was incepted.

DeHaat, India’s full-stack agri-tech solutions provider and among the fastest-growing startups in the Agri Tech sector is working rapidly on creating AI-powered technologies to improve supply chain efficiency and productivity of the farmers in the country with a farmer base of over 700,000.

What is FarmPlus ?

Brought into business in 2011, Farm Plus is the Output domain of DeHaat that provides superior quality Dry and Fresh products, picked up right from the fields and delivered at clients' doorsteps across the country.

With 4,00,000 MT of fresh and dry produce processed yearly and almost 8000 orders per day, Farm Plus has become one of India’s largest distributors and importers of these commodities.

By utilising the best technology, robust sourcing methods and highly trained systems professionals. Farm Plus is on its way to a rapid expansion with a consistent aim of providing faster, better, and higher quality fresh and dry products.

Our Vision - Providing Superior Choices

FarmPlus understands that as people become more discerning, their expectations concerning quality, origin, freshness, flavour, enjoyment, and a healthy lifestyle rise. These are the guiding principles we implement in everything we do.

As people become more conscious about what brands they identify with, they make more conscious choices. Through our solutions, we strive to be the market leader of your choice.
Farm Plus is focusing on streamlining the agri-supply chain using innovative technology.

FarmPlus’ vision is to carve out a new and unique supply chain system in order to increase efficiency. Our mission is to eliminate catalysts and increase transparency. This can only be done by connecting farmers directly to buyers.

FarmPlus currently operates in 18+ states with 7 Lakh Farmers. We serve 25 variants of commodities and 3k+ Agri Procurers.

Why FarmPlus?

Strong Values

Building on generations of experience, we have carried on the tradition for over a decade now. The pillars of our company's sustainability are these traditions.

All our commodities undergo extensive quality checks with only the commodities that check all quality parameters being sourced ahead. Safety and best manufacturing practices are continuously reviewed and updated to ensure the products offered are safe.

Empowered Farmers

With FarmPlus, the profitability and overall livelihoods of our farmers has also increased as they no longer have to rely on middlemen to get the right prices for their yields.

With direct procurement from our farmers, we offer unbeatable prices, quality and sustainability to meet your requirements.

Bottom Line !

As we simplify and improve the supply chain of agri-products, you should allow your business to expand and reach new avenues of sucess.

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