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How to Meet the Growing Demands of Fresh & Dry Commodities: The FarmPlus Approach

India's food and grocery (especially FnV) market is expected to touch $1.8 trillion in 2022, growing at around 7 percent annually. The FnV segment in India accounts for over 50 percent of the total retail industry because of its significantly larger size. FnV can be subdivided into two parts, namely Fresh & Frozen vegetables & fruits (FnFVs), which together account for more than 60% of FnV sales. Processed FnVs, including canned foods, packaged foods, beverages, etc., accounting for 40%. In such a scenario, the importance of a well-structured supply chain is crucial.

The FnV industry faces two significant challenges of being highly fragmented, with volume concentrated in small retailers, and having poor storage infrastructure. The FnV supply chain also faces significant issues around quality as a majority of FnVs are grown by empowering those who lack awareness about post-harvest management practices.

How can FarmPlus Help in Improving the Agri-Supply Chain?

Farmplus' sustainable reliability process ensures that stringent measures are put in place to manage a sustainable supply chain that maximizes available resources. This is done by creating a win-win situation for empowering farmers and consumers.

With 7K+ Agri Orders per day, Farmplus has a wide network for sourcing, procurement, and delivery processes. Farmplus currently has 19+ commodities to choose from that are best in the industry. With over 9 operating locations, Farmplus has more than 3,000 agri-procurers ensuring a larger market for sellers.

Supply Chain of Farmplus


Farmplus runs a sustainable procurement process by carrying out procurement activities directly from farmers to buyers. Following accurate Agronomy practices, Farm Plus experts visit each farming site and perform thorough quality checks of the products. Only those commodities that check all quality parameters are then sourced ahead.


Farmplus collection practices ensure Efficient asset utilization. This is done by using an innovative tech approach. We have an advanced method of collecting fresh vegetables and fruits from the farmers directly, then consolidating them at various facilities and delivering them to your doorstep.

Hand-picked products are sent to our dedicated collection centres, equipped with machinery to clean, sort, grade, pack them. For specific commodities, there are treatment, ripening & pre-cooling chambers as well.


Reducing the farm to production window exponentially, Farm Plus provides optimum storage management using state of the art facilities to ensure maximum food safety.

The storage and packaging process of Farmplus ensures the reliable acquisition of commodities from our producers to prevent them from going out of business due to unreliable or non-existent buyers for their produce. We have a firm supply chain that can yield more than 400 000 tonnes per annum.


The packed products are transferred to our distribution centres where another round of sorting and grading is done to ensure the best quality and condition of each commodity.
Products are then packed, maintaining all food safety measures and transferred ahead.

Farmplus Distribution Centers are strategically placed around the country to give our customers access to our products as close to them as possible.

Timely delivery

The final package is handed over to the logistics team. Tracking details are shared for complete visibility and our teams ensure safe, secure and timely delivery of all the products.

Full Stack Approach by Farmplus

Mini Mandis

Our retail stores offer premium dry and fresh products at the best prices to HORECA (Hotels Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, and Restaurants)

Mini Mandi, created by FarmPlus, is a revolutionary idea that gives better market access to a large community of producers and farmers that provide high-quality yields of fruit, vegetables, and dry goods. A completely different model from the traditional mandi or market Mini Mandis gives the total seller control and removes intermediaries.

When selling on Mini Mandis, the marketing and logistics expenses are reduced by a large margin, making it possible for sellers to earn greater profits overall, a more extensive customer base, and all-year-round potential to grow.

New-Age Traders

Our one-stop platform sells fruits and vegetables to customers like Modern Day Traders, Institutional Buyers, Small Midsize Wholesalers.

Our clients include some of the most renowned platforms such as Zomato, More, Del Monte, Supr Daily, Reliance Fresh, Bikaji, Sodexo, Compass, Britannia, Parle, Big Basket, Grofers, Safal, Godrej and many more who put their trust and confidence in the FarmPlus name for all their fulfilments.

FarmPlus New Age Trades is designed to cater to the rapid and exponential growth being seen in the FnV sector and to support all our modern-day traders in upscaling their businesses with ease and comfort.

Conventional Trades

Our efforts focus on solving the most common yet most complex problems of all in the FnV segment right from easier availability to seamless fulfilments of the most sought after commodities in the highest of quality.

No matter what your choice of trade, FarmPlus guarantees to deliver in all forms and quantities, making it a one-stop and one of a kind service provider.

So if you wish to join hands and experience the true potential of your business
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